By admin / November 5, 2013

How to stay on your diet

You have to come up with a structure to limit your calorie and carbohydrate intake (prepackaged food, fast food, frozen...

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By admin / November 4, 2013

You have to be hungry to lose weight

Half of weight loss is a decision, and that decision is a strategy and a structure that allows you to...

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By admin / November 1, 2013

Drink more fluid – be less hungry

More than half the time when you are hungry, you may just be thirsty. When patients ask, what's the most...

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By admin / October 31, 2013

Pitch your Halloween candy

Halloween candy is coming into your house tonight - you will purchase it and have left overs, or children will...

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By admin / October 30, 2013

The fastest way to lose weight

If you're not losing weight fast enough, you're eating too many calories, and/or you're eating too many carbohydrates, and/or you're...

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By admin / October 29, 2013

You (almost) can’t eat out on a low carb diet and lose weight

Most patients can lose 10-30 pounds by (almost) freely feeding on a low carbohydrate diet. The first 20 pounds or...

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By admin / October 28, 2013

Structure and limit your calories to lose weight

I really want to get you off real food, to drastically limit your calories, to get you to lose weight....

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By admin / October 25, 2013

Protein helps you stay in control

I know it sounds radical, but if you successfully lose weight on Bars or Formula or whatever - it's not...

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By admin / October 24, 2013

Drinking or chewing for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, you may do better on your diet - chewing, or you may do better...

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By admin / October 23, 2013

The fastest weight loss

If you're following a low calorie, high carbohydrate diet - you'll be ravenous, and you'll lose weight more slowly than...

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