Lose 5-10 pounds this week – Lose 20 pounds this month!

You can lose 5-10 pounds this week on medically monitored prescription medication. Safe and effective appetite suppressants can help you lose 20 pounds this month. You can stop being hungry all the time, eliminate your cravings and put an end to night eating. You can have more energy. Welcome to Detroit’s oldest and most successful medical weight loss program. Welcome to Diet Results.

How does Doctor Nagler’s Diet work?

You take strong, safe, prescription appetite suppressant medication. You come to the office daily for an injection. You follow a very low-calorie diet which helps you burn fat faster, limits fat storage, and curbs sweet and starch cravings by lowering your insulin level.

How often do I come to the office?

Most patients come to the office for 2 or 3 injections a week. If you’re in a hurry to lose weight, fastest weight loss occurs with 6 injections a week. The office is open for injections Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

How much weight should I lose?

Most patients lose 5-10 pounds their first week, and 3-4 pounds every week. My record weight loss for a man is 40 pounds in 1 week. He went from 356 to 316. My record weight loss for a woman is 27 pounds in a week. She went from 303 to 276. If you’re in a real hurry to lose weight, additional prescription medication and injections can help you lose faster.