By admin / April 18, 2014

Just one week of HIT (High Intensity Training) can help you lose weight

Give me just one week of 3 - 20 second HITS (High Intensity Trainings) a day, and you'll be surprised...

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By admin / April 17, 2014

Weight loss is damage control

Night eating isn't just your problem. Night eating is everyone's problem. For most patients, 80% of their calories go in...

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By admin / April 16, 2014

80% of weight loss is timing

When it comes to weight loss, the wrong medicine at the right time, tends to work better than the right...

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By admin / April 15, 2014

No protein night eating

Not eating at night can help you lose weight, but not because your body processes calories differently at night. Your...

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By admin / April 14, 2014

Exercise 1 minute a day

The fact that you can exercise in a suit, that you don't need to break a sweat, and that 3...

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By admin / April 12, 2014

More High Intensity Training equipment

The best High Intensity Training exercise equipment is a cross trainer that allows you to exercise standing up. You get...

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By admin / April 11, 2014

The best exercise equipment for High Intensity Training

The best way to do High Intensity Training or Fast Exercise is on an exercise machine like an elliptical trainer,...

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By admin / April 10, 2014

The truth about exercise Above is a link to the BBC documentary The Truth About Exercise by Michael Mosley, M.D. It's worth the...

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By admin / April 9, 2014

How to get the scale moving, if you’re stuck

Many patients who want to lose weight, absolutely, positively refuse to exercise. But if I can get you to do...

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By admin / April 8, 2014

Exercise for patients who hate exercise

The amazing thing about HIT (High Intensity Training) for weight loss, is that I can generally get patients who hate...

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