Simeons Diet 2010 – Doctor Nagler’s Injection Diet

Simeons Diet 2010 – Doctor Nagler’s Injection Diet

Here’s my 2010 update of the Simeons Diet, the most successful injection Quick Weight Loss Diet in history.
The Simeons Diet is a 600-800 calorie diet. When it’s been studied, there’s no significant difference in weight
loss on 500 calories a day compared to 800 calories a day. Clinically, Dr. Simeons specific combination of foods
creates more satisfaction, less hunger and less cheating. The weight loss on the Simeons program is faster and
more consistent than on any other Quick Weight Loss program that’s been studied. Patients are not hungry, don’t
crave and don’t cheat. Follow my instructions exactly. If you have any questions, ask.

Take your medication and come for your Appetite Suppressant Injection every day you can.
Drink at least a gallon (128 ounces) of non-caloric fluid every day.
Eat 2 Proteins, 2 Veggies, 2 Fruits and 4 Crackers every day.
Eat 1 Protein, 1 Veggie and 1 Fruit at Lunch and at Dinner.
Eat a different Protein, Veggie and Fruit at Lunch and at Dinner.
Protein is 4 ounces, preferably canned for portion control, or a quarter pound fast food burger (no bun).
You can eat Protein that is not canned, but then you need to carefully weigh it, or live on fast food burgers.
Veggies are one cup, preferably canned for portion control.
You can eat Veggies that are not canned, but you have to carefully measure, and you’re complicating things.
Fruit is fresh, not canned.
You must eat all the food at all meals every day, whether you want it or not.
You can follow the diet at McDonald’s – Protein (Quarter Pounder, no bun), Veggie (salad), Fruit (apple).
If you are starving in the morning, have your Fruit and or Crackers at Breakfast, but not Lunch.
Breakfast – unlimited Coffee and Tea, with artificial sweetener if desired.
Lunch & Dinner – unlimited Coffee and Tea, Protein, Veggie, Fruit & Cracker.

[_] canned chicken [_] canned turkey [_] canned tuna [_] canned shrimp [_] canned sardines
[_] canned clams [_] caned lobster [_] canned crab[_] ¼ pound fast food hamburger (no bun)

[_] canned spinach [_] canned green beans [_] canned asparagus [_] canned wax beans
[_] canned mushrooms [_] canned sauerkraut [_] canned tomatoes [_] canned collards
[_] small tossed green salad (no cheese, no croutons with 1 tablespoon diet dressing)

[_] 1 apple [_] 1 orange [_] ½ grapefruit [_] ½ cantaloupe [_] 12 strawberries [_] ¼ pineapple
[_] ½ honeydew melon [_] 4” slice watermelon [_] 1 peach [_] 1 nectarine [_] 2 tangerines
[_] 2 apricots [_} 2 plums [_] 12 raspberries [_] 12 grapes [_] 1 banana [_] 24 blueberries

Cracker [_] 2 Rye Krisp [_] 2 Saltines [_] 2 Melba Toast Miscellaneous per day – [_] 1 tablespoon milk in
drinks [_] juice of 1 lemon [_] 2 teaspoons jam on crackers