Doctor Nagler’s Cat Food Diet – my office version

Doctor Nagler’s Cat Food Diet – my office version

Doctor Nagler’s Cat Food Diet

This is the diet I use to drop a quick 10 pounds in a week. Follow my instructions exactly. Get more information about my Cat Food Diet on – see Doctor Nagler’s Diet and my Blog.

(1) Cat Food. Each meal must be TWO 4 ounce cans of water packed tuna or chicken or turkey or salmon or sardines in mustard or shrimp or lobster or crab or mussels or clams or Vienna sausage or Spam. You cannot eat one can, you must eat TWO 4 ounce cans or one 8 ounce can. You may also have for each meal 4 hard or soft boiled eggs or 2 cups of cottage cheese or 2 cups of plain Greek yogurt or 2 hot dogs (no bun) or 2 fast food quarter pound hamburgers (no bun).

(2) Cat Seasoning. Permitted seasonings are salt, pepper, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, Kraft Miracle Whip Free, any low calorie dressing with less than 10 calories per tablespoon, 1 tablespoon per can max.

(3) Cat Bouillon. You must drink 2-4 bouillon cubes (beef, chicken or vegetable) every day, each dissolved in one cup of water to replenish the salt you lose on the Cat Food Diet to prevent severe muscle cramps.

(4) Cat Rules. Go as long as you can without eating. You can go all day without eating. If you aren’t hungry until 10 pm, don’t eat until 10 pm. When you absolutely, positively have to eat, have 2 cans of Cat Food. Then go as long as you can without eating again. When you absolutely, positively have to eat, have another 2 cans of Cat Food. The Cat Food Diet is 2 cans, twice a day. If you are absolutely positively starving, you may have another 2 cans, for a total of 6 a day. You must eat the same Cat Food at least 2 days in a row before switching to another Cat Food, but you don’t have to switch. If you have tuna on Monday, you can’t have chicken until Wednesday.

(5) Cat Fluid. You must drink at least a gallon (128 ounces) of non-caloric fluid every day. Drink water, coffee, tea, diet soda – anything you like without calories. You don’t have to drink water, but you need at least a gallon of non-caloric fluid every day to flush out the fat you are burning on this very quick weight loss diet.

(6) Cat Nothing. Nothing else. Don’t eat anything else. No fruit, vegetables, salad, flour products, cereal, sugar, milk, etc. You can have up to 6 sugar-free diet Jello a day, and up to 2 packages of Jols a day. That’s it.